The use of PVC joinery with high insulation or wood carpentry work for a major thermal and acoustic performance. If large areas or areas with warmer climates can also use aluminum joinery, taking advantage of a strength.

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Mosquito nets for packets

Nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep in the summer and more than mosquitoes buzzing. At PVC joinery or glazing of windows can accommodate several types of frames, fixed, removable or portable on rolls and place is a fabric made of PVC fiber. When choosing mosquito net, care should be taken to be sufficiently thick to prevent insects from entering the room, but do not even stop air or obscure light.

Fixed frames are perfectly sealed mosquito nets fitted with windows and although it can be removed in the winter, you cannot open. If we want to open the mosquito net frame, then opt for hinged frame that opens easily in a normal window. There is also the possibility of opening by sliding sideways, especially useful for doors. In all cases, the closure must be more tightly to prevent mosquitoes entering. The advantage of this type of frame is that it can be removed and washed in the bathroom, running water, even in the shower. In late summer, when the insects disappear, we remove mosquito net frame and can easily store in a closet.

It shows a box that is mounted on the top or side of the window. In the box you find a drum roll place, when close. A mosquito net is pulled down by a cord, in full and tight around the window opening. The side frame is equipped with a rail and slides through the channel net rail. For those interested, we recommend an article illustrated with photos of mounting Mosquito nets for PVC windows. Door, we can choose the model of mosquito net roller mounted sideways. Some nets can be used as a sunshade when pulled away with reflection effect. This type of roller mosquito net doesn’t disassemble and do not need storage during the winter.

For a peaceful sleep, choose a quality tamplarie pvc, like tamplarie pvc and PVC windows.

The problem arises with the coming cold season. We wake up in the morning, the room temperature is pleasant, but notice condensation on the bottom of the glass on the inside. Should I worry? If this condensation is visible only to the chamber, then it is a normal phenomenon due to vapor in the room air.

The space between the double glazing is filled with an inert gas, which contributes to the insulation provided by insulated. This, as air rises to the top when it heats up, the bottom remains cooler. This, combined with a sharp moisture in the room (from breathing, decorative plants or other sources ) lead to condensation. One solution is to purchase a dehumidifier and air purifier.

Condensation inside the insulated chamber

As I said, it is not a concern as long as condensation is just for the room. If this occurs between sheets of glass windows, it is a problem. Means that the space between the panes is hermetically sealed, as it should, and then you have to make contact with the company from which I bought PVC windows.

Condensation on glass windows

We have reached the stage of PVC waterproofing exterior carpentry. Why do we need this? Polyurethane foam is not enough? If it only protected against air currents, then yes. But for protection from infiltration of rainwater, foam around the PVC windows have helped by an extra layer of protection. And this will be done with silicone used to bituminous roofs and terraces in construction.